Where are you located?

On the campus of CHI/St. Luke’s Hospital at the southwest corner of State Highway 242 and Interstate 45, in the Medical Arts I building, fourth floor, Suite 430.

Where do I park?

Valet parking is free of charge, and encouraged; this can be found at the front of the hospital.

The parking garages to the right of the hospital, while not close to Medical Arts I, is the most reliable place to park.

The parking lot in front of the hospital and to the left affords a short walk but is notoriously full during peak business hours (8-3).

When are you open?

Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm.

We are open through lunch.

How do I reach you after hours?

Dial the main number 936-202-3108 and follow the very simple phone menu for instructions.

What insurance do you take?

Most! See our list.

Do you take Medicare?

Yes, by assignment and many of the managed plans

Do you take Medicaid?

Not at this time, though we are considering this in the future.

What type of patients do you see?

All patients, from newborns to centenarians! Our staff have experience with all. We are not taking patients for obstetric management at this time.

Do you admit to the hospital?

Not at this time. We typically encourage our patients to work with hospitalist groups at the various regional healthcare facilities.

Do you do lab testing in your office?

Yes! Basic lab testing in the office includes urinalysis, finger-stick glucose measurements, semen analysis. More routine testing is drawn at our office and sent out to regional labs for analysis (Labcorp, Quest, others)

Do you do x-rays in your office?

No. We will however order tests for you at any of a number of local facilities to attempt to expedite your care, and we will review digital films with you where possible.

Do you do EKGs in your office?

Yes! And the physician will provide you with an interpretation.

Do you do asthma management and lung testing in your office?

Yes! We provide peak flow meter assessment, nebulizer therapies, and formal pulmonary function testing, as well as oxygen saturation evaluation.

Do you do general physicals?

Yes! This is foundational to general medical care. We use comfortable cloth gowns, too!

Do you administer vaccinations?

Yes! All standard vaccines are available. Some travel vaccines may not be in inventory immediately but can be obtained on very short notice.

Do you do school and sports physicals?


Do you do well-woman (pelvic, breast) exams?

Yes! Doctor Perkinson did obstetric care for many years and continues to do gynecologic care routinely.

Do you do obstetric care?

Not at this time.

Do you do employment physicals?


Do you do Workers Compensation exams?

Not at this time.

Do you do Social Security Disability Insurance exams?

Not at this time.

Do you manage chronic pain?

Not at this time. Particularly, we do not prescribe Suboxone or methadone.

Do you treat childhood ADD/ADHD?

Yes! Up to age 15 and/or grade 9, whichever comes first.

Do you treat “adult” ADD/ADHD?

Yes! Up to age 15 and/or grade 9, whichever comes first.

Do you manage urgent care issues?

Yes! We strongly encourage a long-term doctor-patient relationship, regardless of the hour. Call Vector Health first, if it is not potentially life-threatening, and discuss your concerns with the physician who can always be reached after hours. We sew up lacerations after hours all the time, for example.

Do you do minor surgery?

Yes! We handle many orthopedic and skin injuries, including laceration repair. And our results are typically excellent.

Do you do pregnancy testing?

Not typically. Pregnancy testing in physician offices are no different from those available at a local pharmacy