Dr. Joseph Perkinson

Joseph Perkinson has been in Texas for 20 years, having grown up all over our beautiful country.

He completed medical school at the University of South Carolina in 1992, and initially pursued a surgical career taking him through internship and residency to Detroit and Hawaii. Seeking more patient-centric interaction, however, he transitioned to specialization through generalization – family medicine – at the Baylor College of Medicine’s Department of Family and Community Medicine, completing that residency program in 1998.

He embraced his first private clinical experiences in south Texas, starting one of the first completely paperless medical offices in the state in 2000, developing and refining workflows for more compassionate and efficient care. After a decade, he moved to the north Houston area, working in a group practice and later as medical director of a fledgling but now nationwide hormone replacement center.

His first love, however, has always been direct patient care. To this he returns in Vector Health, a company he formed for the express purpose of providing effective solutions to the many significant flaws in the American healthcare system. The American people need a patient-centric healthcare experience, where bureaucracy is marginalized, value realized, and where a new respect for health is fostered.